One Summer Sunrise by Shari Low

As the sun rises on a hot summer’s day, four lives are about to be changed forever...Brand new from the bestselling author of What If?, What Now? and One Day In Summer.Today, Maisie McTeer decides to track down the ex who jilted her at the altar. Today, she’ll find out that revisiting the past can also rewrite her future. After losing… Continue reading One Summer Sunrise by Shari Low

Her Ocean Grave by Dana Perry

The teenage girl in the picture has bright eyes and a smudge of chocolate on her chin. It’s her birthday and she looks self-consciously beautiful in her floral party dress. But nobody has seen this girl’s sweet smile for days. She has vanished without a trace. Enclosed by endless beaches and crashing waves, the sleepy… Continue reading Her Ocean Grave by Dana Perry

The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt

From the acclaimed Author of 'The Butterfly Room' comes a powerful afterlife drama conveying how great gifts can be hidden in death and how they can bear fruit in our lives if we have the faith to let them unfold. Somewhere between the mountains and the mist in Simla, India a widower must reconcile himself… Continue reading The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt

The Cornish Cream Tea Wedding by Cressida McLaughlin

The perfect summer read from the number one bestselling author of The Canal Boat Cafe. Love is in the Cornish summer air… Wedding planner Ellie Moon is dreaming up the most beautiful bespoke wedding for Charlie and Daniel, owners of Cornwall’s favourite cream tea bus. Even though her own life has been turned upside down and… Continue reading The Cornish Cream Tea Wedding by Cressida McLaughlin

Everything Happens For A Reason by Katie Allen

Mum-to-be Rachel did everything right, but it all went wrong.Her son, Luke, was stillborn and she finds herself on maternityleave without a baby, trying to make sense of her loss. When a misguided well-wisher tells her that ‘everything happensfor a reason’, she becomes obsessed with finding that reason,driven by grief and convinced that she is… Continue reading Everything Happens For A Reason by Katie Allen

Her Tuscan Summer by Vanessa Carnevale

I take my spot behind Luca and soon we’re racing down winding country roads through the breathtaking Italian countryside, with postcard-perfect sunflowers that carpet faraway fields. I have no other place to be, and no other person I’d rather be with. Mia Moretti has always dreamed of becoming an artist. But after a fierce battle with… Continue reading Her Tuscan Summer by Vanessa Carnevale

Return to Harlech by Ruth Torjussen @lovebooksgroup

When Tess arranges a weekend love trip back to husband Steve’s hometown, her secret plan to make a baby is not the only trap that he is walking into...  Tess and Steve are a dysfunctional couple in a rocky marriage. Despite this Tess yearns for a baby more than a divorce and plans a secret… Continue reading Return to Harlech by Ruth Torjussen @lovebooksgroup

Bad Blood by Heather Atkinson

If you can't trust your family, who can you trust...? Glasgow gangster Jamie Gray and his fellow Blood Brothers rule the Gallowburn Estate with an iron fist. No one messes around on their turf without consequences.  But when Jamie’s erstwhile dad, Jason Gray, reappears after many years away - some of them spent behind bars… Continue reading Bad Blood by Heather Atkinson

The Bridesmaid by Nina Manning

‘Promise me? If you hear any secrets, never tell me. That would make you a most treasured friend. More than a friend really. You’re almost like a sister to me…’ Your best friend…. From the moment they met as children, Sasha knew that beautiful, wealthy, and confident Caitlin would always be her absolute best friend. … Continue reading The Bridesmaid by Nina Manning

Perfect Timing by Owen Nicholls

For Jess and Tom, timing is everything. For her, it's the moment she delivers the perfect punchline. For him, it's the heartbeat in the music he makes with his band. And from the night they meet, sharing the same stage at the Edinburgh Festival, their attraction is undeniable. At first, it seems their timing is… Continue reading Perfect Timing by Owen Nicholls