The Woman in the Woods by M.K. Hill

A reality TV star becomes a suspect in an Essex murder case in the sharp, funny and
moving new thriller from M.K. Hill.
Three years ago, Danny ‘Abs’ Cruikshank, star of reality show Laid in Essex!, was living the dream. And then, on the night of the party, everything changed.
It was supposed to be an intimate weekend gathering. Just a few close friends in a remote cottage in Wales. But after a night of heavy drinking in the village pub, a local girl was reported missing, presumed dead.

Abs and his friends had been the last to see her alive.
No-one was ever charged, but the controversy destroyed Abs’s career. So now, three years later, the
celebrity who once captured the heart of millions is opening Southend’s new branch of Quidstore. And then one of Abs’s mates is murdered. Does someone know what really happened that night in Wales?
DI Sasha Dawson and her team must race against the clock to find the killer before they strike again –
but first she must discover what happened to Rhiannon Jenkins on the night she vanished. Will the
truth set Abs free? Or bury him?

My Thoughts


Whenever I pick up a book by M.K. Hill I know I am in for one truly captivating read. The Woman in the Woods introduces us to Abs, a man who seemed to have a pretty perfect life…. that is until a young local woman goes missing and is presumed dead after a party.

This throws Ab’s into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as he finds himself being labelled as the lead suspect in the police investigations. All of the controversy surrounding the case put an abrupt end to his time in the limelight, and despite nobody ever being charged with the murder of the poor woman who went missing, Abs finds himself shrinking into the background.

Three years later Abs is living a quiet life in Southend, a far cry from the life he had been living before the investigation. He is relieved to have left all that chaos behind him, so when one of his friends becomes a murder victim he is thrown back into the dark place he has been all those years ago.

As an investigation is launched to find the person responsible for the murder, we are left questioning whether there is more to the story, and whether someone knows more about what happened that night in Wales than they have let others believe.

This is a book that is full to the brim of mystery and suspense from the moment you start reading. The characters are well fleshed out and flawed like most, something that makes them more relatable and authentic to the reader. The storyline flows perfectly throughout, with the suspense levels increading with every passing chapter. We are lead through a series of twists and turns, all of which makes the general conclusion of the story all the more satisfying when we finally obtain the answers we needed. A brilliant read that I would recommend to others.

About the Author

Mark Hill was a journalist and an award-winning music radio producer before becoming a full-time writer.
The first novel in the Sasha Dawson series, The Bad Place, was described as ‘everything a police procedural
should be’ by The Times, who also named it as their Crime Book of the Month. He lives in London.

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Head of Zeus and M.K. Hill for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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