Love on Location by Lynne Shelby

Can movie magic lead to a real-life romance?

When Laurel Martin is hired to rewrite the script for a new timeslip blockbuster, she expects the historical advisor hired by the studio to be an elderly academic who won’t interfere too much with her writing. But when she meets Professor Jason Harding, a young and unexpectedly handsome archaeologist who has some ideas of his own about the script, she realises the job isn’t going to be as simple as she first thought.

As their work takes them from arguing over historical details in a cramped London office to discovering the hidden beauties of a Greek island, Laurel and Jason’s relationship starts to echo the romance of their script.

But with Laurel’s actor ex-boyfriend making trouble at home, and constant issues with the volatile director, will Laurel and Jason ever be able to write the happy ending for their own story?

My Thoughts


Set predominantly on the Greek Island of Kyros, Love on Location follows the story of Screenwriter Laurel and Archaeologist Jason who are thrown into each others lives when they are asked to co-write a script with one another.

When Laurel first learned that she would be working alongside a man called Jason she was assured he would want little input when it came to the script, and felt mildly confident about being able to work alongside him, after all – he was bound to be an older gentleman right?. So imagine her sheer shock when young, incredibly handsome Jason walks into her life as the archaeologist she is tasked to work alongside.

Jason also has his own ideas he wants working into the script and doesn’t back down easily, something that causes many arguments between them as they work within the cramped London office. They then have to travel to Kyros to continue gathering the inspiration needed for their script, and it is whilst spending time on this beautiful island that their relationship begins to move from acquaintances into the initial sparks of a beautiful romance.

This is one of those stories that you happily lose yourself within from the moment you begin reading it. The setting itself is like a dream and is brought to life by the author so vividly you can picture yourself walking alongside Laurel and Jason as they explore the sights around them. Both of them are such delightful characters who nestle their way into your heart from the moment you first meet them. Laurel is a kind hearted woman who goes above and beyond for those she loves, and Jason is the hero she never knew she needed to meet.

A beautiful story that you will not be able to part with, this is a definite must read.

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About the Author

Lynne Shelby writes contemporary women’s fiction/romance. Her debut novel, ‘French Kissing’ won the Accent Press and Woman magazine Writing Competition. She has done a variety of jobs from stable girl to child actor’s chaperone to legal administrator, but now writes full time. She lives in London with her husband, and has three adult children who live nearby.

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Twitter: @LynneB1

Instagram: lynneshelbywriter


*Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Headline Accent books and Lynne Shelby for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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