Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney

Ten years of marriage.
Ten years of secrets.
An anniversary they’ll never forget.

Adam and Amelia are spending the weekend in the Scottish Highlands. The remote location is perfect for what they have planned.

But when their romantic trip takes a dark turn, they both start to wonder – can they trust the one they’re with?

Because every couple tells little white lies. Only for Adam and Amelia, the truth is far more dangerous.

My Thoughts


Alice Feeney has once again produced a compelling, chilling story that has you hooked from the moment you turn the first page. When Adam and Amelia win a competition for a romantic getaway to a remote chapel in Scotland, it seems like the perfect opportunity for them to spend some one on one time together, something that could potentially save their struggling marriage.

When they arrive in Scotland there has been a snow storm, making their accommodation for the weekend look less than welcoming. When they are inside the converted chapel, they hear many strange noises, and when things start happening to both Amelia and Adam it becomes apparent that there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to this couple and their strained marriage.

As the story progresses, we also get to read letters that have been shared between the couple throughout the years, and this further cements the fact that all is far from perfect between them, and the problems are more deep routed than we initially thought.

From the moment I started reading this book I found myself unable to drag myself away from this utterly captivating story. The characters are well fleshed out and have authentic, relatable personalities that really allows the reader to connect with them and their story as the plot begins to unfold. The storyline is unique and full of tension, with the suspense levels increasing with every passing chapter you find yourself unable to tear yourself away from this fast paced thriller. This is certainly a book that I would recommend to others!.

About the Author

Alice Feeney is a New York Times bestselling author and journalist. Her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, was an international bestseller, has been translated into over twenty languages, and is being made into a TV series by Warner Bros. starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. His & Hers is also being adapted for screen by Jessica Chastain’s Freckle Films. Alice was a BBC Journalist for fifteen years, and now lives in the British countryside with her family. Rock Paper Scissors is her fourth novel and is being made into a TV series for Netflix by the producer of The Crown. It will be published around the world in 2021.

*Thank you to HQ Stories and Alice Feeney for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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