Love, Hope by Juliet Ann Conlin

An unexpected letter. An unlikely friendship. A chance to start again.

Ever since she first picked up a violin, Hope Sullivan dreamed of going to music college, joining an orchestra and travelling the world with her best friend Janey. But when her parents were killed in a car accident on the way to one of her recitals, she gave it all up to look after her younger sister, Autumn. Ten years later, Janey is living their dream on her own, Autumn is flourishing as a doctor and Hope’s life is smaller and less musical than ever.

Arnold Quince had the happiest of lives – until he lost his beloved wife Marion. Once the life and soul of the village, he withdrew into his grief and pushed all his friends away. Now, five years on, he is sick, lonely and just counting down the years until he can be with Marion again.

When Hope and Arnold are pushed into writing to one another, neither has any idea how much their life is about to change.

My Thoughts


Hope Sullivan had a passion for music, especially playing her much loved Violin. She dreamed of going to college to further her musical studies, but when tragedy struck on the way to one of her recitals she couldn’t imagine continuing down that path in life – especially as her younger sister needed her more than ever.

Ten years later her sister Autumn has embarked on a career as a Doctor and the best friend Hope had dreamed of travelling the world with, Janey, is living the dream they once shared. Meanwhile Hope feels trapped in her life and misses music terribly. Then there is Arnold Quince, a man who has become a recluse following the loss of his wife. Five years after his loss, he finds himself thrown together with Hope – and as the pair begin writing to one another they have no idea just how much their lives are about to change.

This book certainly takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as you follow the story of both Hope and Arnold. Both of them have had to live through more than their fair share of heartache, and this has had a huge, lasting impact on the people they are in the present. As their lives slowly become intertwined with one another through the medium of letters, something that lifts their spirits when they both need it the most.

The storyline throughout this book is so beautifully written and perfectly structured you find yourself being swept along by the characters and their lives. With each passing chapter you get to know the characters on a much deeper level, and in turn find yourself really feeling connected to them and wanting them to find happiness in whatever form possible.

A beautiful, moving read that I would urge others to read.

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About the Author

Juliet Conlin was born in London and grew up in England and Germany. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Durham. She works as a writer and translator and lives with her husband and four children in Berlin. She writes in both English and German. Her novels include ‘The Fractured Man’ (Cargo, 2013), ‘The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days’ (Black & White Publishing, 2017), ‘The Lives Before Us’ (Black & White, 2019), and ‘Sisters of Berlin (Black & White, 2020). Subscribe to Juliet’s newsletter, NOTES FROM BERLIN,

*Thank you to Love Books Tours, Hodder Books and Juliet Ann Conlin for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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