A Beginners Guide To Murder by Rosalind Stopps

Grace, Meg and Daphne, all in their seventies, are minding their own business while enjoying a cup of tea in a café, when seventeen-year-old Nina stumbles in. She’s clearly distraught and running from someone, so the three women think nothing of hiding her when a suspicious-looking man starts asking if they’ve seen her.
Once alone, Nina tells the women a little of what she’s running from. The need to protect her is immediate, and Grace, Meg and Daphne vow to do just this. But how? They soon realise there really is only one answer: murder.
And so begins the tale of the three most unlikely murderers-in-the-making, and may hell protect anyone who underestimates them.

My Thoughts


When Nina stumbles through the door of the café that elderly friends Daphne, Grace and Meg are enjoying a catch up they realise immediately that something is wrong. The young girl is very clearly distressed, and when an intimidating looking man comes looking for her they all know that they have to do whatever they can to keep this girl safe.

Each of these women have their own personal reasons for wanting to help Nina, and as they all take on the role of her protectors their own past secrets come back to haunt them. They gather strength from one another, but the question remains…. would any of them really be capable of committing the ultimate crime in order to protect those they care about?.

A Beginners Guide To Murder is a character driven story that really highlights the hidden depths of each individual characters personalities and the various reasons why they behave in the ways they do. Daphne, Meg and Grace are all unique individuals who really nestle their way in to your heart from the beginning, and as the story progresses you really begin to understand why each of them behave the ways in which they do.

The storyline is wonderfully structured and is full to the brim of drama and suspense as the mystery of who is capable of murder is explored. Despite being utterly chilling at times I found it impossible to put this book down as the need to solve the mystery grew with every passing chapter.

Dramatic, thrilling and utterly captivating. This is a must read for those who love psychological thrillers.

About the Author

Rosalind Stopps lives in Margate and south east London with various humans and dogs. Her short stories have been published in five anthologies and read at live literature events in London, Leeds, Hong Kong and New York.
The Stranger She Knew is her debut novel and was shortlisted for the Paul Torday Memorial Prize 2020

*Thank you to HQ Stories and Rosalind Stopps for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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