The Lucky Eight by Sheila Bugler @lovebooksgroup

When the plane crashed, 160 people perished. Now, is someone killing off the survivors?

Five years ago, a horrific airline disaster made headlines around the world. On the anniversary of the fatal crash, a number of those who were spared gather to mark the occasion. By morning, Nick Gilbert, a celebrity chef and one of the party, lies dead. Detective Rachel Lewis leads the investigation and within days another survivor is stabbed to death. It seems certain that a killer is targeting the lucky eight.

Clodagh Kinsella recovered from the injuries she sustained in the crash, but lost her sister that day. The bereavement shared by Clodagh and her sister’s husband led them to a romance of their own. Yet lately, Clodagh knows something isn’t right. As the noose tightens on the group and Rachel comes across more questions than answers, it’s only a matter of time before Clodagh will have to face the consequences of a mistake she made before the plane went down…

A tense and gripping crime thriller, perfect for fans of Lesley Kara and Mari Hannah.

My Thoughts


160 people boarded the plane, but only eight people survived the crash. Their lives were forever changed following the tragedy that took place on that fateful day and before long the survivors were named ‘The Lucky Eight’ by the media.

They make a pact between them that every year on the anniversary of the crash that took so many lives yet spared their own, that they will come together to remember the event. When the fifth anniversary comes around it is far from what any of them expected when one of the survivors is found dead in what can only be described as suspicious circumstances.

When another of the survivors is found dead days later after being stabbed, Detective Rachel Lewis who is given the case starts to wonder whether the survivors are in fact being targeted, and if so, why?.

As soon as I had read the description for this book I just knew it would be a story that would consume me from the start. The storyline is unique and gripping, taking us on a journey alongside these characters that have been through so much. I really loved how each of the survivors are given their own voice, each of them have their own story to share and have lived their own life, yet they are drawn together following this tragic event. Each character is well fleshed out and realistic, and before long you find yourself being swept along with the mystery of why they are being targeted in such a way.

Suspenseful, dramatic and utterly captivating. This was a magnificent read that I would urge others to discover!.

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The Lucky Eight ebook

The Lucky Eight paperback

About the Author

Sheila grew up in a small town in the west of Ireland. After studying Psychology at University College Galway (now called NUI Galway) she left Ireland and worked as an EFL teacher, travelling to Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and Argentina.

She is the author of a series of crime novels featuring DI Ellen Kelly. The novels are set in South East London, an area she knows and loves.

She now lives in Eastbourne, on the beautiful East Sussex coast. Eastbourne is the location for her series of crime novels featuring investigative journalist Dee Doran.

When she’s not writing, Sheila does corporate writing and storytelling, she runs creative writing courses, is a tutor for the Writers Bureau and is a mentor on the WoMentoring programme. She reviews crime fiction for and she is a regular guest on BBC Radio Sussex.

She is married with two children.

*Thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours, Canelo Books and Sheila Bugler for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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