Isn’t It Bromantic by Lyssa Kay Adams

With his passion for romance novels, it was only a matter of time before Vlad took up the pen to write a novel the Bromance Book Club would swoon over.

He’s ready to create his own sweeping romance – both on and off the page.

Elena Konnikova has lived her entire adult life in the shadows. As the daughter of a Russian journalist who mysteriously disappeared, she escaped danger the only way she knew how. She agreed to marry her childhood friend, Vladimir, and move to the United States, where he is a professional hockey player in Nashville.

Vlad, aka The Russian, thought he could be content with his marriage of convenience. But it’s become too difficult to continue in a one-sided relationship. He joined the Bromance Book Club to learn how to make his wife love him, but all he’s learned is that he deserves more.

The Bros are unwilling to let Vlad forgo true love – and this time they’re not operating solo, joining forces with Vlad’s senior citizen neighbours, a group of meddling widows who call themselves The Loners. But just when things finally look promising, the danger from Elena’s past life intrudes. Now the book club face their first-ever life-or-death grand gesture as they race to a happy ever after.

My Thoughts


After reading and loving the previous books in the Bromance Book Club series I had been eagerly awaiting this latest release, so of course when given the opportunity to read and review Isn’t It Bromantic I simply couldn’t refuse.

This latest instalment follows much loved Vlad – “The Russian” – who, if like me, you have read the previous books has been a strong character within the book club. After Vlad married his childhood friend in order to get her away from Russia, he had always held onto the hope that they could have what he perceives to be a ‘real’ marriage. However, Elena doesn’t seem to share his sentiments and six months after their marriage she ups and leaves, moving to Chicago. Vlad really wants to get a better understanding of women and really wants to try and make his marriage of convenience into something real, and that is what leads him to the Bromance Book Club.

Elena longs to follow in her fathers footsteps and hopes to become a journalist, however the Visa she obtained through her marriage to Vlad doesn’t permit her to work in the US, so she see’s little option but to return to Russia. However, when Vlad is injured and she is called to the hospital to be by his side, they have the opportunity to air all of their grievances with one another and work out what it is they both really want.

This is one of those books that you find yourself getting swept away with as the story progresses. I had been excited to delve into Vlad’s story from the moment we first met him in the previous books, and it was truly heart warming to see the impact that the Bromance Book Club has had on all of it’s members lives and the bonds that have been formed within. The storyline is full of charm and witty dialogue that had you laughing out loud at times alongside feeling overwhelmed with love for the characters the next. Each of the characters within this book are wonderfully developed and brought to life perfectly by the author, really allowing you to connect with them much easier. I loved this book.

About the Author

Lyssa Kay Adams read her first romance novel in eighth grade after swiping one from her grandmother’s book shelf and was hooked forever. After a nearly 20-year career as a journalist, her dreams of writing and publishing her own HEAs came true in 2015 with the release of her first novel, Seventh Inning Heat, followed by the RITA-nominated novella, Wild in Rio. Today, she writes full-time from her home in Michigan with a pesky, fluffy K9 assistant named Domino who spends most of his day snoring on her desk (that is, when he’s not burying things around the house).

3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Bromantic by Lyssa Kay Adams”

  1. Great review. I’ve heard bits and pieces of this series, but never been incline to investigate further. But after reading you review I may just pick it up. Do you have to read the books in sequential order? Do you have a favourite book from the collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts before I dip my toe into this franchise…

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!. You don’t necessarily need to read the books in order, but it does help you get a better grasp of each character. I have to admit, this was probably my favourite in the series x

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