The Art of Loving You by Amelia Henley

They were so in love . . .
And then life changed forever . . .
Will they find happiness again?
Libby and Jack are the happiest they’ve ever been. Thanks to their dear friend, eighty-year-old Sid, they’ve just bought their first house together, and it’s the beginning of the life they’ve always dreamed of.

But the universe has other plans for Libby and Jack and a devastating twist of fate shatters their world.
All of a sudden life is looking very different, and unlikely though it seems, might Sid be the one person who can help Libby and Jack move forward when what they loved the most has been lost?
The Art of Loving You is a beautiful love story for our times. Romantic and uplifting, it will break your heart and then put it back together again. Perfect for fans of Rebecca Serle,Josie Silver and Sophie Cousens.

My Thoughts


This book took me on quite the emotional journey right from the start!.
Libby and Jack are about to embark on a new adventure together as they move in to their new home, but their happiness is short lived. Libby is full of the flu, and Jack being the ever caring boyfriend goes to buy her some lemsip from the local chemist.

But then tragedy strikes, and Libby finds herself rushing to the hospital to be beside Jack who is the victim of a stabbing. Jack appears to be healing well, and as they leave to return home, Jack seems to become more unwell with every passing day, something that they both assume is the flu that Libby has been recovering from herself. When Libby returns home one day to find Jack has passed away in her absence, she is wracked with guilt and an overwhelming level of grief.

As Libby tries to move forward with her life, she finds herself facing many obstacles along the road to recovery, Including some rather life changing news she later receives. Relying on the love and support of her family and friends, Libby slowly begins to take back control of her life one tentative step at a time.

This was such a captivating read which truly captured my heart. Libby is one of those characters that you connect with easily from the very beginning. She has a huge heart and loves those close to her fiercely. The pain that she suffered following the loss of her partner made my heart break as the pain seemed to leap from the page and engulf you.

However this story is far from being all doom and gloom. Instead, we have a story that emphasises the importance of hope and love, not necessarily in the romantic sense either!. The story is written in such a compelling, thought provoking way, I found it practically impossible to put this book down.

About the Author

Amelia Henley is a hopeless romantic who has a penchant for exploring the intricacies of relationships through writing heart-breaking, high-concept love stories.

Amelia also writes psychological thrillers under her real name, Louise Jensen. As Louise Jensen she has sold over a million copies of her global number one bestsellers. Her stories have been translated into twenty-five languages and optioned for TV as well as featuring on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers list. Louise’s books have been nominated for multiple awards.

‘The Life We Almost Had’ is the first story she’s written as Amelia Henley and it’s out now.

*Thank you to HQ and Amelia Henley for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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