Let’s Fly by Giles Fraser

How do you survive when a lucky break turns out to be the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Nick Hunter is about to find out. He made a colossal mistake when he was barely out of school and now his whole world is in jeopardy as he races against the clock to save his family and his business from disaster.

In 1979 Hunter heads to London, and a squat in Notting Hill, with dreams of musical success. With his fellow squatters he forms a band and they record four short songs before tensions and misunderstandings drive them apart. Nick lies and tells the record company the songs are all his own work.

Six years later one of the songs, Let’s Fly, is picked as the soundtrack to a blockbuster movie and Nick makes a fortune in royalties. In 2017, Nick, his wife Sam and daughter Jen now live in the house opposite his old squat. His successful food business is about to go public, but someone is on his back.

Nick is in massive debt and the heavies are closing in. Disasters are befalling the business just at the wrong time. Then Sam is snatched and, with a price on her head, Nick must come up with the money or lose her. With his life and family on the line – and just days to play with – Nick has to stop whoever is destroying his life and come clean with those he loves in order to
hang on to everything he holds dear.

My Thoughts


The story focuses around Nick Hunter, who – as a young man – formed a band and wrote a song which was later chosen as a movie soundtrack, which in turn makes the band a lot of money. Unfortunately, the band has already split by this point as love triangles and rivalries get in the way of friendship and their commitments to the band.

Nick tries to contact the others to share the money between them, but none of them want to know, and seem to be shutting him out for problems that derive from their youth. Nick however seems to have matured a great deal and decides to put the money in to a business, one that makes him even more money and success. He goes on to marry and has a daughter.

However the past catches up with him, as is somewhat expected, and we are left wondering what exactly it is that Nick has done to bring so much grief to his life. As the story moves forward we get to know more about the band and what happened to cause such a drastic rift to form between them, and why Nick specifically has been shut out by the others.

The characters are well fleshed out, yet have some seem to possess some rather unbelievable traits that affected my ability to connect with them as individuals. The storyline itself was well structured and had an intriguing plot full of drama and a growing mystery that does keep you interested to know what the conclusion is. The book itself is well written and detailed, with an ending that although I had anticipated it, was still enjoyable.

About the Author

Giles Fraser co-founded and runs Brands2Life, one of the world’s leading PR and communications agencies
specialising in the technology and online sectors. He studied under Richard Skinner at The Faber Academy in 2015/16. He lives in Barnes, West London.

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Matador Books and Giles Fraser for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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