One Ordinary Day at a Time by Sarah J. Harris

Simon Sparks is the man you know from behind the counter at the local Prince Burger (‘hold the gherkin!’), fry shovelling, shelf stacking, hiding away from the world. And Jodie Brook is the single mum you see crossing the street with her son Zak – always chasing a dream she can’t reach.
What if life could be so much more? When Simon and Jodie’s worlds collide, it upends everything they know. But in chaos comes opportunity. And for every person who’s ever doubted them, they find someone who’ll finally believe…
From the award-winning author, Sarah J. Harris, comes a warm, uplifting story about ordinary people, extraordinary tomorrows, and all the ways that life can surprise us…

My Thoughts


The story begins with Simon as a young boy, he is taking part in Little Einstein’s and is tasked with answering all of the English Literature questions correctly in the sudden death round in order to win. When he gets distracted by his mother crying in the audience he loses his focus and answers incorrectly.

Then we fast forward to the present day where Simon, the previous child genius is now working as a Fry Cook at Prince Burger and is still having some lapses in concentration – which results in some burnt foo incidents. When single mum Jodie starts working in Prince Burger after being told for many years that she will never amount to anything, she aspires more than anything to study English at Cambridge University.

What happens from this point onwards is truly heartwarming. Simon takes Jodie under his wing as they begin working alongside one another, and before long the pair become inseparable. Whilst enjoying one another’s company, Simon begins to help Jodie train in order to achieve her educational dreams.

This is one of those utterly delightful stories that you become invested in from the very beginning. The leading characters Simon and Jodie are wonderfully developed and have realistic, human qualities and flaws which make them all the more relatable to the reader. I loved the dynamics between them, and the dialogue that the author creates between them is captivating.

The story flows wonderfully and keeps you engaged to the very end. The plot is utterly unique and you find yourself fully immersed in the world in which the author has created. This is a fantastic book that I would urge you all to read!.

About the Author

SARAH J. HARRIS is an author and freelance
education journalist who regularly writes for national

The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder was Sarah’s debut adult novel and a Richard & Judy book club pick.

She lives in London with her husband and two children.

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Harper Collins and Sarah J. Harris for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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