A Summer Of Second Chances by Carol Thomas

Does first love deserve a second chance?

Ava Flynn sometimes feels like the clothes donated to her charity shop have seen more life than her, but ‘maximum dedication for a minimal wage’ is what it takes to keep her mother’s beloved wildlife charity, All Critters Great and Small, running – especially in the village of Dapplebury, where business is certainly not booming.

But when Ava’s first love, Henry Bramlington, returns to the village, suddenly life becomes a little too eventful. Henry escaped Dapplebury many years before, but now he has the power to make or break the village he left behind – All Critters Great and Small included. Can Ava trust the boy who ran away to give both her and her charity a second chance?

My Thoughts


A Summer of Second Chances takes us on a journey to Dapplebury, where we meet Ava. Ava is a young woman who has taken on her mothers charity – All Critters Great and Small, following the loss of her mother. Henry has alsoreturned to Dapplebury after spending many years in the states. He has returned to take on his birth right.

Both Ava and Henry are grieving, and clearly have many issues to work through as they try and adjust to their lives back in the place they grew up. Despite the fact that their lives have taken very different paths and removed them from one another’s lives for quite some time, the attraction and spark is still there between them as soon as they are reunited.

They both have the same goal in life now, to bring Dapplebury back to prosperity, but they also have to learn how to trust one another again, something that is far from simple for either of them. Initially Ava and Henry are so hampered by their new work loads and life commitments they find very little time to work alongside one another, however the more this pair is forced together, the more formidable a team they become.

I loved escaping to Dapplebury in this book and getting to learn more about the beautiful village that Ava calls home. The storyline is full of interesting characters who all add a whole new depth to this delightful story. Ava is a character that you love from the moment you meet her. She has a huge heart, and tends to put others before herself, yet when it comes to matters of the heart she knows what she deserves. Henry is another character who, upon his return to the village I wasn’t quite sure what to make of him, however that opinion soon changed after a couple of chapters and I became a firm fan of Henry’s!.

A beautifully written story that really takes you on a journey of self discovery and love. I adored this book!.

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About the Author

Carol Thomas lives on the south coast of England with her husband, four children and lively Labrador. She has been a primary school teacher for over twenty years and has a passion for reading, writing and people watching. When she is not in school, chasing after her children, or stopping her dog from eating things he shouldn’t, she can be found loitering in cafes drinking too much tea and working on her next book.

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*thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Choc Lit and Carol Thomas for providing me with a gifted copy of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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