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White supremacists have climbed their way to the top. It’s his job to bring them down.

Vince Bellator, former Special Services operative, arrives in Dead Springs, Alabama to honour his late friend’s dying wish: to bury his hand under the porch of his hunting cabin.

But on the way, Vince has an unsettling run-in with a group of local heavily armed militiamen.

Sensing that the group is more than just a violent mob, Vince decides to infiltrate their ranks. He discovers that they are an outfit of white supremacists who call themselves The Brethren. But what sets them apart from other such extremists is that they are in the midst of planning an act of national terror.

Not only that, they are also harbouring a prisoner – someone with a connection to Vince.

With the FBI unconvinced and government officials colluding with Brethren leaders, Vince realizes it is up to him to put a stop to the would-be terrorist cell. But can he do so before they wreak devastation on America and all it stands for?

Fans of Lee Child and James Patterson need look no further: full-throttle political thrills await you from the first page.

My Thoughts


Vince Bellator is a former Special Service agent, who finds himself heading to Dead Springs to carry out his late friends dying wish. However, on his journey Vince has a far from pleasant encounter with a group of military men who are heavily armed.

All of Vince’s Special Service training comes in to play here, as he senses that the group is far more troubling than a violent mob. He takes it upon himself to infiltrate this mob, only to discover that they are far more dangerous than he initially thought. A group of white supremacists who have named their troublesome gang The Brethren are not only a group of supremacists, they are planning an act of national terrorism that Vince is determined to stop in its tracks.

With people unwilling to listen to Vince’s claims, and it becoming more apparent that The Brethren have links within the Government, Vince realises that he is on his own in this case, but that doesn’t deter him. He is going to put a stop to The Brethren however hard it may be.

I found this book so incredibly addictive from the very beginning. Vince Bellator is a well fleshed out, intriguing character who has a complex personality. He clearly has his demons from his past, but as an ex SS, you would expect nothing less. The story is fast paced and driven, with an abundance of drama and action thrown in to the mix, this book certainly had everything you could want from a political thriller.

About the Author

John Cutter is the bestselling author of The Specialist novels, which inspired the Sylvester Stallone movie of the same name. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

*Thank you to Love Books Tours and John Cutter for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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