A Secret Scottish Escape by Julie Shackman

Escape to the beautiful Scottish Highlands for a heartwarming and feel good cosy romance that will whisk you away from lockdown!

When Scotland’s sleepiest hamlet becomes the centre of hot gossip, Layla Devlin finds herself caught in a mystery…

When Layla’s fiancée has an unexpected heart attack and dies – in another woman’s arms, no less – Layla is determined to pack up and leave Loch Harris, the village she’s always called home. But an unexpected inheritance and love for her quiet corner of Scotland send her down a new path.

Now Layla finds herself facing a whole new kind of drama. Rumours swirl that a celebrity has moved into Coorie Cottage and Layla is determined to have him headline her opening night at local music venue The Conch Club. But the reclusive star is equally determined to thwart Layla’s efforts. Rafe Buchanan is in hiding for a reason, and soon his past comes to Loch Harris to haunt him…

My Thoughts


Layla has spent her whole life in Loch Harris. The idea of leaving the place she calls home has never once crossed her mind, that is until her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack, and to make an already heartbreaking situation worse, he died with his ex-wife in his arms. This betrayal, alongside the heart ache of losing her husband has Layal in turmoil as she struggles to deal with her conflicting emotions. She is seriously contemplating leaving the town she loves so much as she cannot bear the thought of living in the cottage she had shared with her husband, but she is far from eager to leave.

That is when she notices an opening for a live music venue within the town, and decides that rather than leaving the place she loves the most and running away, she will stay within Loch Harris, and hopefully encourage others to visit the place that she holds close to her heart.

As Layla begins setting up The Conch Club, rumours start circulating around the town that the famous, and reclusive singer ‘Mask’ is now living in Coorie Cottage, and this sparks another idea for Layla to make her new venture a success. She sets her sights on recruiting this mysterious singer to perform on her opening night, but can she convince him to help her out?.

Of course, things are far from smooth sailing for Layla as she adjusts to her new life as a widow, alongside trying to solve the mystery as to why Mask is so reclusive, and some added family drama that her mother has decided to finally share with her. And then an Australian woman appears out of the blue, carrying with her some rather strong accusations about Mask, but are they true?

I loved losing myself in Loch Harris in this gorgeous story. Although the story centres around a lot of betrayal and heart ache, there is a true sense of hope and friendship that shines through and certainly guides Layla through some of the most challenging times of her life. The characters were all realistic, and often relatable in many ways. None of them are perfect, but that makes them all the more human, as – if we are being brutally honest, we all have flaws don’t we?.

The storyline flowed wonderfully from beginning to end, with a plot that is full of drama and mystery, and of course a helping of romance thrown in there too – this is one of those books you find yourself excited to dive back in to at any given opportunity.

You can purchase a copy of this book by following the links below

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Secret-Scottish-Escape-Julie-Shackman-ebook/dp/B08T5WWNDR/

US – https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Scottish-Escape-Julie-Shackman-ebook/dp/B08T5WWNDR/

About the Author

I am a contemporary romance author from Scotland, who is obsessed with stationery and handbags.

I am married with two sons and have a poodle cross Romanian rescue puppy called Cooper. A Secret Scottish Escape is my fifth book.

I trained as a journalist and studied Communication & Media. When I’m not reading or writing, I love getting out for long walks, listening to music and watching romcoms.





Instagram https://www.instagram.com/juliegeorginashackman/

*Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, One More Chapter and Julie Shackman for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

About the Author

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