Vanished by James Delargy #BlogTour

From the groundbreaking author of 55 comes an extraordinary new thriller…
The Kane family, Lorcan, Naiyana and their young son, are desperate to move their young family far away from the
hustle and bustle of modern city life in Perth.
The abandoned town of Kallayee, an abandoned mining town in the Great Victoria Desert, seems like the perfect
getaway: no one has lived there for decades. It will be peaceful. Quiet. Secure.
But life in Kallayee isn’t quite as straightforward as they hope. Lights flicker at night. There are noises in the earth,
mysterious shadows and tracks in the dust as if their presence is breathing new life back into the long-dead town.
Lorcan and Naiyana refuse to leave. No one can talk sense into them.
And now, no one can talk to them at all.
They’ve simply vanished.

My Thoughts

Set in the Australian Outback, Vanished follows the story of the Kane family. They have left Perth to embark on what they hope to be a new, much safer life for them all, but what we arent aware of is what exactly has pushed them to make this move to what can only be described as an inhospitable area.

The place in which they now call home is not theirs alone. They share the area with a group of men who also carey their own secrets and reasons to leave their old lives behind. They make a rather tentative agreement between them – stay out of one anothers business and everything will be fine. But when things start taking a rather dark turn, the Kane family find themselves in a rather troubling situation once more.

The story is told in such a compelling way from the very beginning. We are given little snippets of the family and their life prior to this move, and slowly but surely the pieces begin to slot in to place. Jumping between past and present events, this really is a thrilling read that I found myself reading long into the night.

The characters are well fleshed out and fascinated me throughout. As we learnt more about the family and their reasons for leaving Perth, I found myself on the edge of my seat as the story began to unfold.

Full of tension, packed full of suspense and a storyline that is truly chilling at times, this is a story I will be recommending to everyone!.

About the Author

James Delargy was born and raised in Ireland and lived in South Africa, Australia and Scotland, before ending up in semirural England where he now lives. He incorporates this diverse knowledge of towns, cities, landscape and culture picked
up on his travels into his writing. His first novel, 55, was published in 2019 and has been sold to 21 territories to date.
Vanished is his second novel. Find him on Twitter: @jdelargyautho

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Simon & Schuster and James Delargy for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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