Blood Loss by Kerena Swan #BlogTour


With one eye on the rear view mirror and the other on the road ahead, Sarah is desperate to get as far away from the remote Scottish cabin as she can without attracting attention. But being inconspicuous isn’t easy with a black eye and clothes soaked in blood…

… and now the fuel tank is empty.

DI Paton

When a body is discovered in a remote cabin in Scotland, DI Paton feels a pang of guilt as he wonders if this is the career break he has been waiting for. But the victim is unidentifiable and the killer has left few clues.


With the death of her father and her mother’s failing health, Jenna accepts her future plans must change but nothing can prepare her for the trauma yet to come.

Fleeing south to rebuild her life Sarah uncovers long-hidden family secrets. Determined to get back what she believes is rightfully hers, Sarah thinks her future looks brighter. But Paton is still pursuing her…

… and he’s getting closer.

Kerena Swan’s brilliant novel explores how honest mistakes and human frailty can have terrifying and long-reaching consequences. It’s a tale of family ties and loyalty, revenge and redemption that you won’t want to put down.

My Thoughts

As soon as I read the description for this book I knew it was going to be a captivating read, and I certainly wasn’t wrong!.

The story begins with the rather frenzied murder of a man, quickly followed by the woman responsible for the murder fleeing the scene. The woman shows no sense of guilt or remorse for what she has just done, quite the opposite in fact – she believes it is all his fault, that he deserved what happened. The woman feels as though she has done a pretty good job at covering her tracks, and is rather confident that she will get away with the crime she has just committed, but only time will tell if that is the case.

From this point onwards, we follow the story through the eyes of two very different women – Sarah, a woman who’s name changes quite a lot throughout the story, and Jenna, a woman who is the complete opposite of Sarah in every way. Both women have dark secrets, and as you follow their stories, you find yourself putting yourself in to their shoes and questioning – what would you do if you found yourself in their position?

And then the story really takes off, when the body of the murdered man is discovered, and DI Paton is brought in to solve this hideous crime. DI Paton certainly has his work cut out for him, as he is racing against the clock to try and locate the mysterious woman who fled the scene. It is several weeks since the man was murdered, and to add more confusion to this already complex case, nobody has reported him missing!. With every passing hour, the trail is getting colder, but DI Paton is not giving up that easily. This is just the case he needs, and could really be the big break he needs for his career.

This book had me well and truly hooked from the very first page. The storyline was fast paced and thrilling, keeping the reader well and truly on the edge of their seat as the case ramped up, and more clues came to light as to what had taken place that fateful day.

The characters are fantastic and well fleshed out. I really enjoyed getting to know DI Paton throughout this book, and I know without a doubt that he is going to be one of those characters that keeps you intrigued as we follow the series as it progresses. Kerena Swan is such a brilliant writer who has the reader following the story with bated breath as the plot begins to unfold. I have read many crime thrillers over the years, but this is without a doubt one of the best yet. The story was perfectly paced, full of suspense and drama, full of twists you will not see coming, this is one of those books that has you addicted to the very end.

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Blood Loss will be just  99p for a limited time only!

About the Author

We are thrilled to be introducing DI Dave Paton and his son Tommy, the stars of the first novel in Kerena Swan’s new series, to the world. Before coming to Hobeck, Kerena had published three novels, Dying To See YouScared to Breathe and Who’s There? and has built a solid fan base around her writing career thus far. She is a juggler extraordinaire: driving forward a successful care business she runs with her husband yet finding time to write. She loves to write, here and there and everywhere when she’s not working. We don’t know how she does it but we are glad that she does! Kerena talks about her writing, her influences and how she came to Hobeck in this video.

Social Media Links:


Twitter: @kerenaswan

Facebook : @kerenaswan  · Author

*Thank you Rachel’s Random Resources and Kerena Swan for inviting me on to this tour and providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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