The Hiding Place by Jenny Quintana. #BlogTour

Some houses have their secrets. But so do some people…

From Jenny Quintana, the bestselling author of The Missing Girl and Our Dark Secret, comes The Hiding Place: a story about identity, love, long-buried secrets and lies.

Marina is adopted. She’s always known this – but the circumstances of her birth remain a mystery. Baby Blue, the newspapers nicknamed her at the time, after she’d been found wrapped in a blue shawl, in the hallway of a large, shared house in London.

24 Harrington Gardens. That was the house. And it’s still standing now Marina is an adult; still split into flats. And one of them is to let…

Of course, Marina knows that the chances of her uncovering the truth about her birth are remote – but she hopes the house might hold some clues.

What it it’s not just the house, though? What if someone connected to it knows what really happened that day? Someone who doesn’t want the truth to come to light?

My Thoughts

The Hiding Place is a fascinating story that is told through a dual timeline, alternating between the 1960’s and the 1990’s. In this thrilling story we learn how the actions of one generation leave troubling consequences for a family that move in to the same building several generations after.

Marina has moved in to a flat that is in serious need of some attention. Between the mould that is covering the windows, and the temperamental boiler, she certainly has her work cut out for her if she wishes to bring this house to life.

Marina has had a good life with her adoptive family, but she has never been able to push away the desire to find answers as to why her birth parents abandoned her in the cubby hole of the building that is now her home. Marina begins investigating the other occupants of the flats, both past and present tenants as she tries to find the answers she needs,

Alongside Marina’s story, we are introduced to Connie, who in the 1960’s finds herself in a rather troublesome predicament following several stolen moments with the man who occupied the basement flat. Already struggling to get by, when Connie’s mother then passes away, both herself and her father find themselves struggling not only with their emotions, but with money too.

When these stories begin to interlock, it really does leave you guessing as to who Marina’s mother actually is, as you are presented with more than one possibility, and we are not given the answer to this probing question until the very end of the book, and when we learn the truth, I certainly found myself shocked by the events that took place that night.

This is a truly gripping story that has you hooked from the start. The author has such a fascinating writing style that really draws you in, keeping your attention fully on the story until the very last page.

The characters were well fleshed out and mysterious, with individual stories to tell and complex personalities, they were a unique cast that each gave so much drive to the story.

Well paced, full of tension and twists and turns you simply do not expect, this is a must read for 2021.

About the Author

JENNY QUINTANA grew up in Essex and Berkshire before studying English Literature in London. She has taught in London, Seville and Athens. Her first novel, The Missing Girl was published in 2017 and chosen as a Waterstones thriller of the month. Our Dark Secret, her second novel, was published in 2020. She now lives with her family in Berkshire.

For further information, please contact Philippa McEwan on email or 07712 770046

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Mantle Books and Jenny Quintana for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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