HUNT by Leona Deakin. #BlogTour

In the third gripping thriller from Leona Deakin, Dr Bloom places herself in extreme danger. Undercover in a sinister cult, can she save a group of vulnerable young women before it’s too late?

The Foreign Secretary is being held under the Terrorism Act. He will answer the police’s questions on one condition – they let him speak to Dr Augusta Bloom.

He asks Bloom to track down his niece, Scarlett, who hasn’t spoken to her family for ten years. The last they heard, Scarlett was getting involved with Artemis – an organisation dedicated to women’s rights and the feminist movement, led by the charismatic
Paula Kunis.

But as Bloom learns more about Artemis, she’s torn. Is this organisation everything it claims to be, or do they have a secret side and an alternative agenda? And if so, what has become of Scarlett?

The only way to find out for sure is for Bloom to go undercover. But will she make it out safely – or will she become the next Artemis woman to disappear?

My Thoughts

HUNT is the third book in the wonderful Detective bloom series, and it is – dare I say it, my favourite instalment to date!.

Bloom is enlisted to help the foreign secretary Gerald Potter who has been arrested under the Terrorism Act. He is accused of selling government secrets. On their first meeting, Gerald asks Bloom to try and locate the whereabouts of his niece Scarlett, who hasn’t been seen for ten years, after disappearing with two million pounds inheritance. He points Bloom in the direction of Artemis, the women’s rights and self help group that is run by American Paula Kunis.

Augusta and Marcus, her partner in the force, have fourteen days to locate Scarlett, but this is far from a straightforward task. Instead they find themselves being lead on a long winded journey, with the perpetrators playing mind games every step of the way and taking full advantage of the power they hold. The lengths in which these characters are prepared to go to is shocking and completely unexpected, and as things begin to intensify on their search, you find yourself on the edge of your seat.

This is a truly marvellous read. after reading Gone and Lost, I had been eagerly awaiting this latest addition to the series, and It certainly went above and beyond all of my expectations.

The characters, as always are well structured and relatable, each of them having their own individual voices and personalities which add so much depth to this story. I love the dynamics between Bloom and Jameson, from the witty banter, to the ways in which they brainstorm with one another. It is clear they have a strong bond, and this helps them work together on some of the most complex cases they find themselves presented with.

The storyline is well paced, with the perfect level of suspense building up as the story nears its climax. You are certainly left second guessing everything as the story unfolds, all of the assumptions you may have initially come to being blown out of the water as Bloom closes in on Scarlett’s whereabouts, and finally delivers the answers we are craving.

Brilliantly written, full of suspense and captivating to the very end, this is a remarkable story, and I certainly cannot wait for future additions to this series.

Praise for other titles by Leona Deakin

‘Fabulous. Beautifully imagined, beautifully written, immediately immersive and scary as can be.’
Lee Child

‘A brilliantly paced, imaginative thriller with plenty of dark twists that had me turning the pages well into the night’
Heidi Perks, author of Now You See Her

‘Another cracking read from Leona Deakin! I was totally gripped by this complex and intriguing story’
Lauren North, author of The Perfect Betrayal

‘Clever and well plotted, this is a true original that will stay with you long after its chilling close’.
Woman & Home

‘This is an interesting novel, pleasantly different from most crime fiction that deal with psychopathy’
Literary Review

‘A fascinating thriller with a unique concept that will immerse you from the get-go’
Crime Monthly

About the Author

Leona Deakin draws inspiration for her writing from her own experiences having started her career as a psychologist with the West Yorkshire Police and her
successful work in psychology since. Leona was part of a team responsible for designing methods of selection for recruiting and promoting officers from PC to Chief Superintendent.

Her role was to create realistic policing scenarios – from
personnel issues to large scale incidents (plane crash, terrorist bomb etc) – that could be used to test leadership skills. To do this she spent a great deal of time
interviewing and observing officers at various ranks and reviewing cases. This gave Leona an insight into the police culture that helps her to write authentic character
interactions in her novels.
Leona is now an occupational psychologist and lives with her family in Leeds. She has
written three novels in the acclaimed Dr Augusta Bloom series: Gone, Lost and Hunt.

*Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours, Transworld Books and Leona Deakin for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.*

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