The Dukes Runaway Bride by Jenni Fletcher. #BlogTour

The Duke’s Runaway Bride

From shopkeeper….to Duke’s wife

When Beatrix, Duchess of Howden, writes to her estranged husband offering a divorce, sheโ€™s stunned when he arrives on her doorstep with a different proposition: a six-week marriage trial! Quinton Roxbury seems cold and inscrutable, but Beatrix gradually realises his rough exterior hides a heavy burden. As their connection deepens, dare she trust him with her own scandalous past and risk the marriage she never knew she wanted?

My Thoughts


It is certainly no secret that I am quite the fan of historical fiction and romance, so this book ticked several boxes for me right away!.

The Duke’s Runaway Bride is the third book in the Regency Belle’s of Bath series and follows the story of Beatrix, Duchess of Howden. When Beatrix sends a letter to her estranged husband presenting him with the offer of a divorce, she believes she will finally be rid of this unwanted marriage she has found herself tied in to. However, when Quinton appears on her doorstep after all this time, Beatrix is understandably shocked, and somewhat confused by his sudden change of heart.

Quinton Roxbury presents his estranged wife with a rather different proposal – a six week marriage trial to see if there is any way they can salvage their loveless marriage and avoid them both having to face the prospect of divorce. Beatrix is weary, yet agrees to Quinton’s arrangement, convinced that little will change in such a short space of time, especially as he is rather cold and distant at the best of times!. However, the more time Beatrix finds herself in Quinton’s company, the more she finds herself enjoying it. It is clear that Quinton has some rather troubling things to work through, but Beatrix finds herself having to question if she can fully trust this man she is starting to care for deeply with her own dark and troubling secrets.

I really did enjoy immersing myself into the world in which the author created throughout this book. The characters were marvellous and so well developed, with each of them adding something truly unique and special to this story. I loved finding out more about both Beatrix and Quinton as individuals as the story progressed and in turn, getting a better understanding for the ways in which they act towards one another.

And then of course there is the beautiful romance that is slowly burning away throughout this lovely book. As Beatrix and Quinton learn more about one another, their feelings begin to grow and you truly find yourself getting swept along with their beautiful love story. If you love historical romance then this book is a definite must read for you!.

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Jenni Fletcher was born in Scotland and now lives in Yorkshire where she writes historical romance novels ranging from the Roman to late Victorian eras. She studied English at Cambridge and Hull and has been nominated for 4 RoNA awards, winning for Short Romantic Fiction in 2020. She teaches Creative Writing at a university in the north of England and her favourite hobbies are baking and, of course, reading.

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*Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Jenni Fletcher and Mills & Boon for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.*

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