Alone in the Woods by Charly Cox. #BlogTour

Alone in the Woods

The sudden appearance of a man’s booted feet had Addis snapping her mouth shut. Screaming, she kicked out at the tall, muscular guy as he dragged her from beneath the desk…

It was a scene from a horror movie; Gabriel Kensington and his wife Lydia found, brutally slain in their luxurious home in New Mexico. The frantic, whispered phone call from their teenage daughter Addis, spending the evening with best friend Emerson, quickly alerts the authorities to the killings – and worse, that the killer is still inside the house.

But when detective Alyssa Wyatt and the squad appear at the house, the unthinkable has happened – the girls are nowhere to be found.

Waking up in a dilapidated cabin, nestled high in the woods north of Albuquerque, the girls find themselves at the mercy of a brutal stranger who could take their life at any moment. While they fight for survival, it’s up to Alyssa Wyatt and her partner Cord to discover just why the Kensingtons have been targeted – and fast.

Because for Addis and Emerson, solving this mystery might just mean the difference between survival – or an unthinkable death…

My Thoughts


When a telephone call from distressed teenager Addis Kensington to her Aunt is made, authorities are alerted that her Addis’ parents have been murdered. When Alyssa and the rest of her team arrive on the scene, Alyssa is dubious as to why Addis and her friend Emerson Childress seem to have disappeared. Soon enough, it becomes apparent that the teenage girls have in fact been kidnapped, and now the race really is on to save them from a similar fate to Addis’ late parents.

Alyssa is fully aware that time is most certainly of the essence here, so her investigation quickly ramps up with the urgency flowing from the page to the reader. A suspect is quickly identified, however they now face the troubling problem of not being able to locate them.

This book most certainly gets the adrenaline pumping from the start. The storyline is so perfectly constructed, full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. I really enjoyed the way in which the author told this story, alternating between the perspective of Alyssa and her team, to then getting an insight as to how Addis and Emerson are feeling throughout the whole terrible ordeal, and the ways in which they support one another is beautiful.

Full to the brim of suspense, this book was difficult to part with! The writing style was brilliant, the characters were well developed and realistic, with their emotions really flowing on to the pages and pulling you further in to their story. A truly fantastic read that I would recommend to all.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, Charly now resides in the Southwest in the Land of Enchantment where she enjoys eating copious amounts of green chile and other spicy foods. When she’s not reading, writing, or plotting sinister evils with her antagonists, she enjoys doing jigsaw and crossword puzzles, hanging out with her husband and her spoiled Siberian Husky, visiting her son in Arizona, and traveling, preferably to places surrounded by sun, sand, and warm uncrowded beaches.


*Thank you to Sarah Hardy @ Books On The Bright Side, Charly Cox and Hera Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.*

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