What Now? by Shari Low #BlogTour

The follow-up sequel to the bestselling ‘What If?’ from Shari Low

Twenty years ago, Carly Cooper went on an epic quest to track down all the men she’d ever loved and lost in the hope that one of them was her Mr Right.

Now, two decades and two teenage sons later, she thinks she might have got it all wrong.

As the years have passed, lots of things have changed, leaving Carly asking ‘What Now?’

With a divorce and an empty nest on the horizon, Carly sets off once more to Los Angeles with her band of trusty girlfriends, to find the carefree, wild and adventurous Carly Cooper that she used to be.

On this latest quest, Carly discovers a few home truths and has to decide If her marriage is worth saving or is there a new happy-ever-after out there, just waiting for her…

My Thoughts

What Now? is the sequel to the fantastic What If? by Shari Low. After reading the first instalment in this series of books I could not wait to dive in to this story.

We find ourselves reunited with Carley Cooper and are instantly immersed back in to her world. Twenty years have passed, and we soon find out that not everything has turned out how our leading lady would have liked. Carly is a dedicated mother to her two teenage son’s, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t feel immensely grateful to have them in her life.

Carly still has her wonderful family of choice, including her fabulous friends and their partners, along with their children, and she gets so much joy from them and their loyal friendship. However, not everything is running smoothly in Carly’s life, as her marriage is really struggling, so much so, that they are on the verge of divorce. The connection between them is still unbelievably strong, and it is clear they still care for one another and be a supportive unit for their boys, but not spending any time on her marriage has broken them.

When Carly’s Aunt Val and her closest friends form an intervention, they inform her that she has changed from the fun loving, spontaneous person they all know and love over the years. Carly is a bit taken aback by this – after all, she is a mother and all of her choices and decisions have revolved around what is best for her boys. But that certainly doesn’t mean that overthinking every decision life presents us with is going to send us in the right direction. Taking in all of this, Carly finds herself on embarking on yet another journey of self exploration.

I adored this book from the start. Shari never fails to produce interesting characters, all of whom have their own individual traits and life stories that add so much to this brilliant story. I love the cast of characters that form Carly’s friendship circle. They all have the most unique personalities, and when they are all together, you can’t help but want to be a part of their circle!. The way that the characters also remember a friend they have lost is beautiful and emphasises the closeness in which they share.

The story was so beautifully written, I found myself well and truly immersed in the world that Shari brought to life and truly invested in Carly’s life and wanting her to find happiness again. The storyline was perfectly structured full of humour, love, and emotion that made it impossible to put down. This book has everything you could possibly want from a rom-com, and I will certainly be recommending this book to everyone!.

You can purchase a copy of this wonderful book via this link https://buff.ly/2JG8U69

Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 25 novels, including One Day In Summer and My One Month Marriage and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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*Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Shari Low and Boldwood Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for my honest review*

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