Can You See Her? – S.E Lynes


Rachel Ryder doesn’t understand how her life has changed so completely. When she was younger, heads would turn when she walked into a room. Her children needed her; her husband adored her.

But somehow the years wore that all away. She was so busy raising her children, looking after her parents… She can barely remember the woman she used to be, the one whose husband told her she was out of his league. The woman she is now just does the laundry and makes the dinner, and can walk into a room without anyone knowing she’s there.

She knows that she hated feeling invisible. She knows that she thought: what would it take for you to see me again?

And now she’s worried that she did something terrible. Because she’s sitting in a room, being asked whether she killed someone.

When no-one is watching, you can get away with anything…

Can You See Her? is an utterly compelling and unputdownable psychological thriller, about how far you can push a woman before she will break. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, A.J. Finn and The Silent Patient.

My Thoughts:

This book was impossible to put down! From the opening chapter the story had me hooked.

Throughout this book, we follow the story of Rachel Edwards – a Wife and Mother who lives in Runcorn. She works in a local pub where she has befriended some locals. But soon enough she finds herself sat in front of police, confessing to crimes she has committed.

However, all is not as it seems at home with her family. Rachel finds herself drifting further apart from her family every day, to the point in which she feels completely invisible to the world. And that is why, when she leaves the house to walk her dog of an evening she finds herself drawn to people who look as though they need that connection too.

We are introduced to various characters throughout this book, all of which play a vital role in Rachel’s life. Her best friend Lisa, whom she has grown up with and has been a big support to her throughout some troubling times in her life. Their relationship seems unbreakable, and it is the type of friendship most people dream of having. We also meet Ingrid, a young woman who has recently moved into the close in which Rachel and her family live, after a difficult divorce. There are other characters throughout this book who you feel instantly drawn to, they are so perfectly relatable in many ways.

Things quickly take a dark turn for Rachel, and (without giving away any spoilers here!) things start to unravel quickly.

This book was fast paced, gripping and felt impossible to put down. The story was well written, and all of the characters were described perfectly. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and of course S. E Lynes for my advanced copy of this wonderful book for my honest review.

This book is available to purchase from the following sites:


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